Case Studies


Work completed

We have been developing smart contracts since 2020

Our work consists of NFT development, staking contracts, smart contract real world application to hardware & contract audits.

Authentix Management has been developing smart contracts since 2020. We have worked with the likes of Kilt, Moonriver, Polkadot, SpiderDAO, Exceedme, Polkapets and many more. 

We are always learning and improving ourselves constantly so we can deliver the best products in the marketplace. We also develop our own products in the blockchain space.

Our work

Kilt is a blockchain identity protocol for issuing self-sovereign, verifiable credentials We have been working with Kilt protocol on decentralised ID’s (DID’s) and integrating with hardware wallets.

With Polkadot we have been exploring their parachains and using Parity Substrate using the Rococo testnet. Polkadot allowing all connected chains to interoperate by using XCM.

With SpiderDAO we worked on real world application for applying mining contracts to their new SpiderMiner. We developed their staking pools and helped transition them over to the Moonriver from Ethereum.

We created Larry’s custom NFT smart contract and listed them on Opensea. He is a visionary artist, mind boggling art exploring the psychedelic dimensions of consciousness. 

We identified a smart contract vulnerability which was a major flaw in their contract which enabled us to burn their NFTs and batch burn their nfts. We evidenced this here.

With Moonriver we have worked on a few projects in this ecosystem including solarbeam, integrating staking contracts and setting up liquidy pools. We also worked on transitioning over SpiderDao.